July 21, 2010 - Press RElease

For Entrepreneurs and Attorneys on the Go:
Updated Vcorp iPhone App helps turn ideas into corporate reality

Los Angeles, CA July 21, 2010 – Vcorp Services LLC, a leader in corporate filing services in all 50 states, is launching their updated iPhone app on Wednesday, July 21, 2010. The application provides entrepreneurs and lawyers with easy access to tools that allow them to incorporate new entities, check for name availability and other useful tools when trying to turn an idea into a corporate reality. Keeping at the cutting-edge, Vcorp is pleased to announce the improved iPhone app will provide executives from coast to coast with a simplified and accessible means to order corporate filings at a reduced cost.

Vcorp Services LLC was established in an effort to aid owners of small businesses and emerging companies to launch their businesses and streamline their corporate filing needs. Vcorp offers clients a full suite of services including entity formations, business filings, document retrieval, registered agent services, compliance services and more. The new Vcorp iPhone app allows people who need access to real-time information and real-time tools to have the ability to take action immediately.

"In a world with so many unique applications, we are pleased that the Vcorp iPhone app can offer a solution to a specific niche," says Shai Stern, co-chairman of Vcorp Services LLC. "We make a point to stay current in offering our clients the conveniences of the latest technology, and this new app will make it easier for business professionals to access our suite of services from virtually anywhere in the world."

Whether incorporating a C Corp, S Corp, an LLC or in need of registered agent services or amendments, Vcorp's iPhone app can provide the fastest results while offering the lowest prices. Legal professionals, executives, entrepreneurs and accounting and tax professionals will be eager to try the helpful features the Vcorp app affords.

For more information on these services and pricing, visit www.vcorpservices.com or email: info@vcorpservices.com or call 1-888-528-2677.

About Vcorp Services LLC

Vcorp Services assists in the creation of new businesses and helps maintain existing businesses in
all 50 states. Quick, accurate and at the lowest rates, Vcorp’s knowledgeable and experienced staff
has helped form thousands of new businesses including: LLCs, S-Corporations, C-Corporations,
Partnerships, Non-Profits and Professional Corporations. Vcorp works with entrepreneurs, legal and
tax professionals, as well as real estate experts to set up and maintain businesses across the
country. Vcorp also specializes in helping small businesses to get started, grow and remain in
compliance with federal and state regulations.